What league should Barcelona join?

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What league should Barcelona join?

Beitragvon breckjensen » Mo 11. Dez 2017, 13:00


If Catalonia goes for independence, and Barcelona are banned form the Spain League. Should they join a bigger league rather than play in the new Catalonia league.
People are suggesting the French, English and Italian Leagues.
But as a Scot how about the Scottish League?
We have big clubs for them to play, they would have a real chance of winning the league. And imagine the trips up to Inverness, and Dingwall. OK this is a bit crazy. But the Scottish league should say we would welcome the Catalonia teams as Scotland and Catalonia have a link.
At worst it is great publicity to be linked with Barcelona, one of the greatest clubs in the world.
It is my crazy idea.


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