What the Hull is going on there?

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What the Hull is going on there?

Beitragvon breckjensen » Do 7. Dez 2017, 09:31


The one thing I keep hearing about Hull is what a paper thin squad, and have just sold their 2 best players (Snodgrass & Livermore).

BBC have just announced that they have loaned Alex Bruce & James Weir to Wigan.

I haven't noticed them buying anyone, so what on earth is the plan?

I can only see that they want to sell all their players while they are Premier League players and get relegated with loads of money that the owner can take it out. If they were miles adrift at the bottom of the league then that might be logical, but they had a moderate chance of staying up which is worth many tens of £milllion which would be more than they would get for the whole team (and probably the stadium too!)


more details:

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